Why Wilshire

About Wilshire Homes

Wilshire Homes is part of the McGuyer Homebuilders, Inc. (MHI) family, an award-winning company that includes Plantation Homes and Coventry Homes and has been serving the home building industry of Texas for the better part of three decades.

Through its long history, MHI has built over 50,000 homes. Today, Wilshire Homes is a leading choice for homebuyers in Austin and San Antonio. We also work hand-in-hand with community developers to play our part in the development and progress of the region.

Why choose Wilshire?

  • 30 years of experience in the industry as part of MHI Inc.
  • Passionate commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Every home is customized according to the customer’s unique needs
  • We build homes in the best location with the best amenities.

Most importantly, Wilshire Homes adheres to Eco Smart building practices and hence, we play our part in promoting energy-efficient construction.

Based on these credentials, we take pride in calling ourselves the builders of “dream homes” in Austin and San Antonio.